Buying A Property

West Wood Brokers serve clients who desire to purchase a variety of properties, everything from churches and charter schools to retail, office, industrial, single family and multi-family residential, and ranch and farm properties. Buyers may use their 1031 cash or purchase with a loan or use their down payment to create a real estate contract with the seller.  West Wood has also sold real estate contracts to cash buyers who want a better than average return on their investments.   

West Wood has helped buyers purchase vacant land, office buildings, free standing retail buildings, existing buildings for charter schools, shopping centers, industrial buildings, working ranches, game ranches, water rights, mineral rights, residential subdivision property, and residential lots.  

West Wood has helped buyers acquire ground leased properties from individual restaurants to regional malls.  West Wood has helped Buyers joint venture with land owners on hotel (Marriot) developments to apartment projects.  

For any real estate purchase, the experts at West Wood are ready to assist the Buyer to acquire the property they need.  

From the Mountains to the Valleys, from the Country to the City, West Wood has been there to successfully assist their buyers!  West Wood---whatever you want, we can help you get it-- so long as it is real estate!