West Wood Realty Company History

West Wood Realty, Ltd. is a commercial real estate brokerage and development related company specializing in sales, leasing, and development in the following real estate property areas:

  • Offices
  • Industrial
  • Churches
  • Shopping Centers
  • Commercial Land
  • Ranch and Farm
  • Investment Properties
  • Master Planned Communities

West Wood Realty began in 1996 when three realtors, Jim Haworth, John Black and John March, each with years of experience, made a strategic decision to pool their talents and form a new real estate company named West Wood Realty, Ltd.  John March and Jim Haworth originally hailed from Montana.  John Black was a native New Mexican.  Their goals were simple: Honest, experienced, Reliable Real Estate Service.  These three brokers had owned and operated their own companies before, and each had also owned, developed, leased and sold a variety of businesses from small retail pad users to very large ranches.  As West Wood Realty, Ltd. was formed, Jim Haworth’s friend from Oklahoma, Don Chalmers, invested in West Wood Realty.  The three brokers and their investors started the biggest commercial real estate office on the west side of Albuquerque’s Metro area.

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Since then, we’ve recruited some excellent professionals to the West Wood team.  In August 1999, Shari Hollins joined as our office administrator, bookkeeper, and associate broker. Shari is still with West Wood today.  John Morrow, Rod Smith, and Greg Campbell joined West Wood as brokers a few years later.

Following the 2003 death of John March to cancer, the West Wood brokers rededicated the company so succeed the way john March would have expected – with the highest standards of honesty, integrity, reliability, and experience.  In 2010, Smith, Morrow, and Campbell became owner-brokers adding to the company’s strength.

West Wood Realty brokers and staff have the expertise to respond quickly to the needs of our clients, which provides users and investors with multi-market solutions.  Unlike most real estate brokers, West Wood Realty brokers are owners of real estate projects, which adds to our ability to assist our clients attain their real estate goals and protect our clients from changing market conditions.

West Wood brokers assist their clients with real estate problems they may face during economic recessions and position them to take advantage of the future up-cycles in the market.  West Wood brokers have extensive experience spanning several economic recessions and recoveries.

Our real estate team has decades of experience in New Mexico properties and are extremely knowledgeable in Albuquerque’s west side and Rio Rancho area markets.  West Wood Realty should be your real estate company for all types of business and investment property including New Mexico ranches and farms.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Office Location

2611 Withington Peak Dr.,
Rio Rancho, NM 87144

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